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Our Founder's Journey

In her youth you could always find Clare outdoors in her free time. She played field hockey, soccer, softball and spent a lot of time riding and competing on horseback. She learned the value of discipline and commitment and movement helped her manage the ups and downs of her emotions.


While qualifying as an Exercise Physiologist, her heart called for travel. she set off on what was to become 10 years in Latin America. For most of this time she worked as a tour leader and was blessed to receive wisdom from many indigenous cultures reminding her to respect the earth and stay true to her nature. For several years, trail running became an anchor, which gave the space and time to be with herself. It helped that she needed only a pair of trainers to open this portal to exploration.


Injury swept her off the trails, a void appeared, and she spent over a year seeking to understand it. Within this time of reflection and experimentation with different types of movement, she noticed healing occuring after returning to her yoga mat. It took a physical form at first and over time became more subtle. Talk therapy has also helped notice judgements, create space, accept things as they are, and grow from there.

While her studies of Exercise Science were thorough, she had a sense that there was more to understand. Ongoing practice of Yoga and Ayurveda are integral to her daily life. She provides multidimensional support to those who seek to empower themselves in order to live in alignment with their full potential.

Core Values



Nourishing body, mind & spirit with food and movement in a way that also looks after our planet.

Seeking opportunities to solve a problem or be resourceful through adventure and discovery.




Acting peacefully, with kindness & understanding towards myself and others, maintaining a sense of calm.

Always looking for new challenges to feel progress over time.

Earning trust and being reliable.

Establishing Core Values was an essential process to identify priorities and make better decisions.     This process is supportive to anyone who wishes for greater day to day purpose and clarity.

The Meaning of the Logo

In 2004, Clare found herself sketching during a semester of student exchange in Saskatchewan, Canada. This image evolved stroke by stroke with no fixed design in mind. The creative instinct drove the movement of the pen. The image generated feelings of calmness, grounding, hope and positivity, things that were not so apparent at the time. It was a way to remember and connect with these states of being. 

Clare kept the image in her wallet, glancing towards it for inspiration. The depth of its meaning grew over time. Four years later Clare had it tattooed on her foot. When her head dropped, she would always be reminded of its meaning.


Little did she know that the similarity of the design to the shape of mountains, volcanoes and palm trees would turn out to be a prediction for life ahead. The subsequent years were spent adventuring in the mountains of South America and volcanoes and gorgeous beaches in Central America and Bermuda. This was evidence that the same creative instinct that drew the design was the one continuing to create a path in life!


Over time the meaning has evolved to become a reminder to honor and authentically express oneself. This instinct has lead to the creation of Explore In, grounded in the same meaning - to act with trust, through intuition, being loyal to oneself and allowing the details of form to manifest however they turn out. It’s not always safe, frequently unpredictable, often scary, and always beautiful and true.


Connecting with Explore In is an opportunity for people to experience this inward connection, and re-identifying with intuition. Grounded in the wisdom of this self knowledge, movement through life becomes easy and joyous.

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