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Waterfront Hub

Bermuda's 21 square miles offers a surprisingly diverse array of experiences.

We create a variety of pathways for you to feel whole again, by working with the natural beauty of the land, ocean and sky.


We warmly welcome you to our hub in the UNESCO World Heritage City of St George. Our hub functions as a yoga shala as well as the start & finish point for a number of our half and full day experiences. It is wheelchair accessible.


To help you prepare for class, please read our Practice Guidelines.

If you already know what you're looking for, jump to the Schedule to sign up. 

IMPORTANT: Sign up closes 1 hour prior to the start time of the class.

Class Types

Our morning classes are held on the soft grass of the Croquet Lawn, in the quiet times before the world awakes.

Click on the videos below to see what class is like. 

Class Schedule

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Practice Guidelines

You are entering a shared space of healing and awakening. Please be gentle in your voice, movement, actions, thought and attitude. With yourself, and others.

Preparing For Practice

  • Ensure that you and your mat are clean when you come to practice.

  • If you use strong perfumes or fragrant cream/deodorants, they may trigger allergies or headaches for other students, please be mindful of sharing the space with others.

  • Arrive with a relatively empty stomach. You will learn what works for you but as a general recommendation, have a snack no less than 30 minutes before practice, and a meal no less than 2 hours before practice.

  • Arrive well hydrated, generally we don’t drink anything during practice however if you have reason to, ensure you have the liquid in a well sealed container.

  • Be aware that the teacher may apply physical adjustments during the class to keep students safe and help to receive maximal benefit from the poses. Tell the teacher if you do not want to be touched.


  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time of the class.

  • Remove and neatly store your footwear.

  • Turn your phone on silent or switch it off completely.

  • Tell your teacher if you need to leave early and if you have any unique challenges - physical, emotional, or mental, that you think may be relevant to the class.

  • Set up your mat and gather any props - blankets, bolsters, blocks or straps - you think you may need.

  • We may need to work together to evenly distribute everyone in the space.

  • Respect the practice space of others by not stepping on their mats.

  • Once you are set up, settle on your mat to show the teacher you are ready to begin.

During Practice

  • Your practice, and therefore your limitations, will be different every day. Treat each class as an exploration.

  • If you reach a physical or emotional limit, honor it.

  • Honor your intention regardless of distractions that appear along the way.

  • Keep your focus within yourself, and respect the right of the other students to do the same.

  • Use a variety of senses during the class. Sometimes you may need to look at the teacher but devote the majority of your energy to listening, to their words and feeling the sensations in your body.

  • If you need to leave early, leave at the start of the final resting pose to avoid disturbance to others.

After Class

  • Clean any equipment that you used

  • Return any props neatly to their storage place, if it’s a blanket, fold it up.

  • Feel free to chat with other students and share any comments with your teacher, or not.

  • Hydrate, and give your body time to cool down. Wait for natural signs of hunger to appear before eating. 

Welcome to the sangha (community)!