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Grotto Bay Resort

Bermuda's 21 square miles offers a surprisingly diverse array of experiences.

We create a variety of pathways for you to feel whole again, by working with the natural beauty of the land, ocean and sky.


Caves have been revered throughout history as a convergence point between life and the underworld, a bridge between life and death. Yoga provides us with ancient technologies to remove obstacles and connect to the joy and expansive potential that resides at the heart of each human life.


Cave yoga is an act of remembering. The parts of you long since forgotten, possibilities still to explore, the wonder that is your body, your breath, and this earth. The class will be Vinyasa for all levels of practitioners with each teacher contributing their own unique style.

If you are interested in joining a class in a seaside studio environment, check out our Waterfront Hub and practice with us in the UNESCO World Heritage town of St George. 

Class Types

Our morning classes are held on the soft grass of the Croquet Lawn, in the quiet times before the world awakes.

Click on the videos below to see what class is like. 

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