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The objective of an Ayurvedic Health Coach is to empower you to become your own guru. 

We hold the mirror as you develop confidence in your ability to see & accept yourself as you are.


You will grow in being able to identify what you need and in making supportive choices.


As you ride the waves of the inevitable peaks and troughs of your life experience, you will be held. 

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Herbal Treatment

A Taste of Ayurveda

Embark on a 3 hour exploration of your self through the lens of Ayurveda.


This life science presents a framework for participants to understand about their unique nature..


Opportunity abounds for you to apply this understanding to cultivate greater peace within yourself and harmony with the ever-changing conditions of the external world..


Following our discussion, you will enjoy a seasonal meal inspired by Ayurvedic principles. Interested?

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Individual Support

1on1 Ayurvedic support to people, in person and online.


Ayurveda assists you to remember your unique expression of wholeness - an expression of balance in body, mind and spirit. Informed by this system of natural healing that has existed in India for thousands of years, you will develop an understanding of your unique constitution. You will learn how to modify your lifestyle, diet, movement habits, and to use natural therapeutics to bring you home, a process of inquiry rooted in non-judgement, acceptance, and compassion.


It is important that you are an active participant on your well-being journey.


You will be supported to cultivate curiosity, discernment and discipline to adopt changes that create opportunity for your healing to occur.

Reach out to book a session or request a free 15 minute curiosity call.

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Group Support

Interested in joining a quarterly online group support program? 
It's called Ten Souls.
Reach out through our Contact page.

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