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Private Cave Yoga

60 minutes

  • 1 hour
  • From 140 US dollars
  • Grotto Bay

Service Description

Caves have been revered throughout history as a convergence point between life and the underworld, a bridge between life and death. Yoga provides us with ancient technologies to remove obstacles and connect to the joy and expansive potential that resides at the heart of each human life. Cave yoga is an act of remembering. The parts of you long since forgotten, possibilities still to explore, the wonder that is your body, your breath, and this earth. The class will be Vinyasa for all levels of practitioners with each teacher contributing their own unique style. As you step into the pristine environment of the cave, take a moment to adjust to the dimly lit atmosphere inside. An opening in the roof of the cave allows natural light in, which is complemented by artificial lighting around the sinkhole, which is a natural swimming hole. Like most pools, the surrounds are moist, and the concrete floor where we practice will be clean, but it won't be completely dry. We kindly request that you avoid wearing creams or lotions to help preserve the natural beauty of this space. You're welcome to swim in the sinkhole either before or after class, within the regular cave opening hours of 9am to 5pm daily. We prefer that you use your own mat, but If you don't have one, you're welcome to borrow one at no charge. Simply ask for one at Front Desk. Our mats and blocks have a cork surface which is antibacterial, naturally hypoallergenic and made for use in the cave as the grip increases with moisture. Participants who are not overnight guests are welcome to spend up to 30 minutes enjoying common areas at the resort after class. The capacity of the cave is 5 people. If your group is larger than this, email us and we'll be happy to accommodate you across multiple classes. This class is available at 10am or 5pm daily, until April 28, 2024. From April 29, 2024 onwards, if you are interested in a private class please email us and we will look to schedule a class at 8am or 5pm, outside of the regular visiting hours for the cave.

Contact Details

  • 11 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton, Bermuda


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