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As with all of nature, we are evolving! Check back regularly for new offerings. You may also find that something we used to do isn't here anymore. We too have to let go of things now and then to stay true to what really resonates for us and adds value for you.

If you are looking for something and don't see it here, reach out - we are open to creative collaborations and thinking outside the box.

Private Yoga Class

Influenced by Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Yin and Zen traditions, private classes are tailored to the individual or group, always with a focus on the fluid integration of breath and movement.

Sangha (Yoga Teacher Community)

For yoga teachers

who would like to join a

self-practice community.

AyurvedA: Check In

Following your initial consultation, we will dive deeper into how you can utilise the 3 pillars of Ayurveda in your daily and seasonal routines. Prerequisite: Ayurveda Consultation

Breathwork - Workshop (4 sessions)

An in depth exploration of the philosophy and science behind the techniques you learn, combined with lots of time to experience them through guided practice. 

Curiosity Call (15 minutes)

If you are interested in some of our services but have some doubts, reach out to program a free call for us to answer your questions.

Group Yoga Class

Check out the Book a Class tab for a current schedule of group classes.

AyurvedA: Consultation

Understand how the basic principles of Ayurveda apply to you, helping you identify areas of imbalance and ways to facilitate positive change. 

Breathwork - Single Session

An opportunity to reset your nervous system, clear your mind, and experience presence. 

Ayurveda: 5 Session PAck

Make a commitment to yourself..

Gift yourself time to find what works for you and

integrate it into your daily life.

Save 20% off single session rates. 

Prerequisite: Ayurveda Consultation.



Irmante, Lithuania, Online Yoga Student

Fabulous classes! Clare is an amazing teacher to learn from and improve your practice with. Highly recommend!!!
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