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A craving for exploration as part of a modern life is supported through the ancient practices of yoga.


Each practice is a journey in itself, a purification of layers of limited perception leading to clearer vision.


Churning, the push and pull, whatever is going on, it's magnified, amplified, you'll see it all.


Through the cracks, the possibilities afforded by complete presence come into light. 

Options for Practice

We hold space for you to connect with your breath

and explore the landscape of your body, mind, and consciousness.

Group Classes

We host regular drop in classes in inspiring indoor and outdoor locations. More details here.

Private Classes

Private classes are tailored to the individual or group. Influenced by Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Yin and Zen traditions. 


A space for yoga teachers to do their practice, together.

Click here to explore over 20 free live classes recorded on Facebook in 2021.

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